Background image poster which does not burst even if we get wet with water

We are printed on synthetic paper "YUPO" which is not torn even if we get wet with water and we repeat and can put on wall of bath just to get the back wet in water.

<< before use >>

<< after the use >>

■□■□The purchase of background image poster, the original picture is this□■□■


We are selling the original picture of poster!

About the original picture of poster, we usually sell with special price of 42,000 yen notokoro 36,750 yen (postage distinction). Please sense bold and delicate manner of handling a brush unlike print bodily. (one piece of limitation)

Handwriting paint picture (the original picture: 60cm in height X 90cm in width) use example

■□■□The purchase of background image poster, the original picture is this□■□■


We take order for handwriting paint picture

How about background image which active illustrator drew on bathroom of guest house and facility? Design, please take "Morio Nakajima background image gallery" (during construction) into account.

In the case of the Tokyo suburbs, is not only sento, including home, garage, shutter, truck describe anywhere. If you like, please refer by the following form email.

■□■□Handwriting paint picture inquiry email□■□■

Example: 90cm *60cm materials acrylic board → 42,000 yen (postage distinction)
Example: 90cm *180cm materials acrylic board → 73,500 yen (postage distinction)
Example: We accept size of 120cm *300cm.

When you want size except the above, it takes additional charge separately. As you produce after the order, please note that it takes nearly two weeks for shipment of product.


Morio Nakajima profile

We are born in Soma, Fukushima in 1945 and become sento background illustrator from 1964. Teacher is late Kikuo Maruyama. We draw background picture on not only sento but also bath of nursing home and daycare center.
Morio Nakajima background image gallery (during construction)

Morio Nakajima

Background image and Morio Nakajima illustrator (KITAMACHIYOKUJOU, Nerima-ku) of red Fuji

Kiyoto Maruyama profile

It was born in Suginami-ku, Tokyo for 1,935 years.
Background advertisement company of relative enters the company in 1953.
We become independent in 1973.
Teacher is late Kikuo Maruyama of uncle. We draw background image on sento, nursing home, care center, bath of standard home.

Kiyoto Maruyama