It is public bath used as thing necessary for sanitary improvement of local inhabitants and increase and improvement of the welfare, organization of manager of so-called sento, and Tokyo Sento Association (it is said as follows with bathhouse association) is Tokyo Governor authorization corporation established based on rule of "law about adequacy of administration of life hygiene relations business and promotion" (1957 law 164th) in 1957.


It is intended that we contribute to sanitary improvement and increase by our bathhouse association promoting self-activity of person of each business to plan improvement improvement of sanitation about public bath business, and taking measures to bring stability of management and we contribute to stability of people's life.


Approximately 650 houses perform business (as of February, 2015) in Tokyo, but the most join our association now.


Summary of business


Business about activated measures (use promotion business) of public bath

It is study about becoming and investigation fitness of maintenance of sanitation for member of an association and improvement improvement and management

Kyodo Shisetsu about business of member of an association

Business about welfare program of member of an association




Tokyo Sento Association

Location 〒 101-0031 1-10-2, Higashikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Representative, director Kazuyuki Kondo

Officer constitution

One director

One vice-director

One Director managing director

26 directors

It is less than three people more than two inspectors

Establishment December 2, 1957 (we change name of from Tokyo public bath business environmental hygiene trade association on January 16, 2001)