Bathing rate of sento of Tokyo is as follows.

[12 years old or older] [12 years old or older] 460 yen

[less than 12 years old 6 years old or older] [(primary schoolchild) less than 12 years old 6 years old or older] 180 yen

[under 6 years old] [under 6 years old (preschool child)] 80 yen

From July 1, 2014 (Tokyo Governor notification rate)

◆Bathing ticket common throughout Tokyo

We sell coupon (ten pieces) of bathing ticket common throughout Tokyo for [12 years old or older] for 4,300 yen. If you like, please buy in each Tokyo sento (listed in ticket on expiration date of common bathing ticket). When there is revision of rate by the end of expiration date, after balance payment, we exchange for new ticket.

With th_29 age bathing ticket - sample

※Design changes every year.