What should we take?

Introduce all sento in Tokyo; "aimlessly look at visiting spas map", and please find sento which wants to go. We can search from this homepage. As published data are things at the time of making, we will confirm business hours or facilities beforehand.

th_2-3-0- sale _0054

We put bath towel, towel, soap, shampoo, tool to use when we are usually in bath in house including conditioner in the simple bag, and let's leave for sento.

Of course you need to bring nothing!

Because we sell mini-soap, mini-shampoo, mini-conditioner, towel to most sento, it may be said that it is to bath a little to work, and to return. In addition, there is sento selling bathing set.

Entrance of sento

Chimney was mark, but sento without chimney increases, too, and, as for the sento, the appearance, entrance of facility vary once, too.

th_2-3-1- entrance _0059

Let's take off 2 shoes

At first we take off footwear, and let's put in the dropping box.

th_2-3-2- dropping ground _0094

As dropping box which we cannot store includes boots, we are careful.

It will prevent pulling footgear tag (the key to locker) by all means and from losing.

Is it the third level? Is it the front desk?

th_2-3-3- front desk _0135

Sento greatly has two types structurally.

Turn stand type and front expression.

Places where sento of turn stand type is divided into men's bath and ladies' bath from entrance are often found. Do not get a wrong entrance. Sento with shoe cupboard is turn stand type in right and left of the entrance. Generally, in divided place, we are written as man or woman at noren and door.

4 rates?

At first we pay bathing rate at turn stand or the front desk.

There is sento setting up vending machine of bathing ticket.

There is sento performing preschool child free services.

As there is sento paying extra charge when we use saunas, let's hear at reception desk.

Let's take off clothes in 5 dressing rooms


Let's go to apodyterium if we pay rate.

Sento of turn stand type usually has an apodyterium in point of turn stand. There is entrance of apodyterium of man and woman beside the front desk, and noren of ladies' bath and men's bath usually suffers from front-type sento.

Let's take off clothes in apodyterium.

Most bathhouses establish locker. You lock by all means and bind wrists with key, and please go to bathroom.

There is sento which extremely rarely sets up traditional stripping basket not locker. In such a sento, please leave valuables including wallet at turn stand.

There is sometimes person toward bathroom recently without taking off pants. As this is NG in sento, all the clothes will take off.

At first we take 6, and let's do hot water


At first we hang, and let's do hot water if we enter bathroom.

"We hang, and start of sento bathing begins in bath".

It is important at first all carry away body to entering bathtub and keep clean, and to enter. We take bath of carane to pail, and let's remove dirts like from head. In addition, we hang, and purpose to adjust body to hot water is in bath.

In addition, it hangs, and it is recommended as well as hot water we wash body, and to be immersed in hot water to keep bath water neatly.

Let's keep that we hang well, and person who is immersed in bathtub bathes in hot water without washing body and drops dirt in mind.

Let's be immersed in 7 bathtubs


Let's soak in bathtub.

Long hair uses that other visitors think unpleasantly in hot water of bathtub, and you touch towel in bathtub, and take a bath. Both are dirty.

Hot water of sento has many places where are rather hotter than domestic bath. It is tradition since Edo, but please bury with water when you can never stand after declining to other people taking a bath together with saying properly.

Because you cause trouble when you give water without permission, please warn this point.

Around 20 minutes are appropriate to degree, lukewarm hot water to hot water for 5-10 minutes. We sweat from sum, and let's warm. Because we sweat, as for the hydration, do not forget beforehand either.

Let's wash body if we warm well.

There are many places where hot water and water become separate carane. Let's adjust hot water of pail to right temperature.

When we use shower, let's be careful because hot water splatters on the next person when not used.

Let's change our clothes to eight


When we come back to bathhouse from bathroom, we wipe wet body with towel well, and let's empty. Let's take moisture of sole in foot towels.

If stripping alcove of a tea arbor gets wet, are you unpleasant, too?

Let's change into clothes

We do finish wiping of body with bath towel, towel, and let's change into clothes. Because there are lobbies depending on sento, please relax slowly while taking drinks.

After having sweated by bathing in particular, it is important therapeutically to supply water.

When we return, let's confirm so that there is not thing left behind.

Let's supply 9 water


Let's supply water.

At the time of bathing, we break many sweats than we thought.

Please supply water without its missing hydration before bathing before and after bathing by all means.