We see in sento, and what is kakeruha Q1?

This mark is emblem of sento. We decided that we did this "contact mark" in emblem of sento at meeting of bathhouse associations opened in May, 1988 of the whole country.
It is mark got close to and loads user who expresses contact with person and person as communication of parent and child, and stands on the history and tradition of sento on this mark that desgined "yu", and imaged new "yu" towards the 21st century with thought that we want to connect with activation of the industry.

Are there sauna facilities in sento Q2?

A lot of sento which prepared sauna facilities is in Tokyo. About the use of sauna, there is sento collecting extra charge. As well as sauna facilities, there are facilities of air bubbles bath, electric bath, open-air bath, too. Facilities of each sento are checked in "visiting spas map aimlessly", and search about various facilities is possible in sento map for web, too.

Q3 mixed bathing in sento until how old?

A.About mixed bathing of man and woman, it is prescribed by the regulations of each metropolis and districts. It becomes in Tokyo saying "do not let man and woman ten years or older bathe promiscuously".
About the Tokyo regulations, we publish the whole sentence about "laws to be related to sento".

There being much Q4 by name of sento "MATSUNOYU?"

A.The lucky names such as "pine, bamboo, and plum" "crane and tortoises" show a lot of names of sento. Vest 10 is as follows when we check name of sento in Tokyo (the April 10, 2015 investigation).

The first place…MATSUNOYU (17)

The second place…SAKAEYU, KOTOBUKIYU (13)

The fourth place…TAKENOYU, DAIKOKUYU (12)

The sixth place…TSURUNOYU, HUJINOYU (ten)

The eighth place…HINODEYU, KAMENOYU, ASAHIYU (eight)

The eleventh place…UMENOYU, BENTENYU (seven)

The thirteenth place…INARIYU, HUJIMIYU, CHIYONOYU (six)


Is Q5 secret of Yuto of kerorin?

A.kerorin is pain-killer of inside and outside medicine. This plastic Yuto was released in about 1965, but spread in sento rapidly because it was usually cheaper than price and could purchase as it was easy to use, and advertisement entered. Before it, tree pail was mainstream, but sento using tree pail for from problems of trouble of the durability and care now is very few.

Q6 about paint picture (background image) of sento:

A.Background images such as Mount Fuji to see are described in sento in Tokyo now by several illustrators. Technique finishing on that big wall surface canvas in around five hours before opening time is right craftsmanship. However, in sento which we renewed, sento leaving this background image decreases.

Is it the truth that sento is place of contact and place of education Q7?

A.Ryuichi Tamura (the deceased) of poet expresses sento as follows.

If sento is disgraced, human empathy is disgraced, too

To children who do not know sento 

Tell rule and manner of communal living

We tell home that there is bath, but

The polybath is not place where parent and child talk,

We only wash body.

As for the order to wash way of squeezing, body of towels,

Who tells basic rule?

I for my origin to sento. (from the Mainichi Shimbun)

Sento which unspecified number of the general public uses has rule (bathing manner) that we do not make act becoming annoying to another person. As you may be warned of keeping on giving shower by manager and other users, you protect minimum bathing manner, and please enjoy bathing in sento.

Q8 the origin of sento of Tokyo?

A.According to "Keicho era memoirs," it is left as record that thing called *shi in the bank of money bottle bridge (bridge which there was near current Tokiwa bridge) from Ise ran sento bath for the first time in Edo in 1591 (Tensho 19). However, it is earlier than the Edo era of new reclaimed land, and, in Kyoto and Osaka, it is thought that sento was open. In addition, please see "the history of sento" about history of sento.

Q9 about bathing rate of sento:

A.About bathing rate of sento, each prefectural governor is decided based on rule of price control law by "departmental order about designation to the amount of control of public bath bathing rate". In Tokyo, we calculate cost price based on financial statements in "public bath measures meeting", and Tokyo Governor notifies.

Bathing rate according to each metropolis and districts

Q10 about division ([12 years old or older], [less than 12 years old 6 years old or older], [under 6 years old]) of bathing rate:

A.About division of bathing rate of sento, we are sorted based on "departmental order (September 12, 1957 public welfare departmental order 38th) about designation of the amount of control of public bath bathing rate" as follows. In addition, in Tokyo, shampoo rate does not collect from May 1, 1970.

  1. Bathing rate about person 12 years or older ([12 years old or older])
  2. 6 years old or older bathing rate about one person younger than 12 years ([less than 12 years old 6 years old or older])
  3. Bathing rate about one person younger than six years ([under 6 years old])
  4. In consideration of age or other necessary circumstances, we can establish division of rate about shampoo of bather.

<< related document >>

Q12 look at "about laws about sento" about departmental order about designation to the amount of control of public bath bathing rate.

Q11 about change of the number of of sento:

A.As for the sento in Tokyo, approximately 2,900 (with union member list of our association) sento was open in 1937, but, by Tokyo blitzkrieg of 1945, decreased sharply to approximately 400 houses. Approximately 560 public baths are open with 2,687 houses of 1968 afterwards at peak as of December, 2017.

Change of the number of the sento

About laws to be related to sento Q12

A.By the public bath method, public bath is defined as "facility letting the public take a bath using warm water, hot salt water or hot spring and others".
Public bath catching application of the public bath method is included in healthy land, sauna other than sento, but sento receives application of general public bathhouse and is placed as facility used as thing which is necessary for improvement of public hygiene of area inhabitants and increase and improvement of the welfare.
However, we establish that we take measures that country and the local government are necessary for "law about special measures for security of public bath" to plan security of the use of area inhabitants because we decrease remarkably though sento is facility necessary for everyday life.
In addition, based on rule of the public bath method, each metropolis and districts establish in the regulations about standard of lighting, thermal insulation about public bath and measures necessary for cleanliness.

Q13 about association of sento:

A.Tokyo Sento Association (as for the official name Tokyo Sento Association) is association based on "law about adequacy of administration of life hygiene sales people concerned and promotion" (June 3, 1957 law 164th), and there is this bathhouse association in each metropolis and districts of the whole country. In addition, there are bathhouse associations (association of public baths business life hygiene trade association society as for the official name of the whole country) where bathhouse association of 44 metropolis and districts joins of the whole country.
In addition, it is said with life hygiene sales people concerned by the law mentioned above public bath, and there are noodles, Chinese food, society (bars), dishes (restaurants), public eating and drinking, cafe, edible meat sale, meal chicken sale, ice and snow sale, hairdressing, beauty, performance ground, inn, facility accommodation, 18 types of industry including cleaning. There is organization called the life hygiene business instruction center of public interest corporation where these types of industry join of the whole country.

About book sento-related Q14:

A.We recruit information of book concerned in sento in our association. Please let know by emails.

Sento-related book inspection (cooperation "library aqua")