My sento

SHIMIZUYU in the days of 7-child

(photograph) SHIMIZUYU of the time that was home of cuckoo before rebuilding

 Novel "my sento" which began in April, 2014, and concluded in December, 2016.
It was novel which we did on the stage of sento to draw from my viewpoint, also known as "me", but your support that was reader entirely contributed to the fact that we were able to finish writing 500 pieces by manuscript paper of 400 characters.
Though it is bad, as for "my sento," as for the head, only spirit finish writing figure that proud "I" follow sento with soul with father who was apt to get sick based on fact while suggesting somewhere sorrow happily. We want to reconsider in chronological order with photograph while throwing in what we were not able to write in "my sento" in extra.
 In addition, "my sento" is repeating correction corrections for publication of the next year as electronic book now. In addition, it is a pleasure, and please wait as we are going to release "sento of reading me" which myself talk about every month in video SNS from April. (Musashikoyama hot spring SHIMIZUYU / Taro Kawagoe)


1-father High School -DSC00155_th

 Father of the young time. The baseball club era of Dennenchofu High School. The fourth third and captain. Study is excellent, too. Recent father seemed to be considerably very popular. It is after 40 generations that it developed in polarity disorder of father in earnest. When I had just finished being the third generation, we have made a tour of public baths with father. Symptom would be stable then.
 In the car, "there was awareness of depression from youth"
 Father has begun to talk to me who drove car.
"But we were able to hold with sanity because we played baseball"
 We said in spite of being the talk last heartily.
"Time when I think that it was surely good sometime that Taro, you let you try exercise (swimming) hard in the days of junior high student comes"
 Though we were born as the second generation of sento and grew up into the wind, father tossed about in fate called disease would think only with "we are strongly only used to" to me of son.
 I become father and notice only after becoming father of sento following the next of father and am every day when thought of thanks springs out to such a father.
 We may say that it is saying "study became strong thanks to father though it was not good" with a laugh if we see again.

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 Father protected us only in thought "that he did not merely yield" to for family. But such a father has begun to notice change of own body little by little. We seemed to keep a secret from us. It is depression to say in now. Feeling mopes even if we make an effort so much. We seem to be always sleepy. Mind does not clear. (than Episode 1)


2-true joy _th

 First grandfather who sits down on turn stand. Grandfather is quite handsome in this way when we see (laugh). We were taciturn and it became brown and wore pants of GUNZE which was full of holes for treasuring. But we were gentle. Smile was similar to father. When care was necessary in later years, we remember that bottom took care many times. That scary father respected very hard. And grandmother loved grandfather than anyone else, too. After all grandfather followed SHIMIZUYU hard, too. We feel like being identified now.

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 But after salary of father not being over the internal conditions, too, and pants of GUNZE of grandfather changing color in brown, and rubber having lengthened. They seemed to be able to take a shit with wearing pants, and some big holes opened, but, as for grandfather, terms of life were for treasuring with the pants. (than Episode 1)



Passport photograph of sixth grader. Passport photograph (the leader said IWAKI Nobuko and became member of the House of Representatives later) when woman like man went to Guam, Saipan on ship such as prison of leader in those days called "ship of boy." It was obedient, good child whom innocence still remained.



"Treasured photograph" (laugh)
 Two years later. Spring of the second grade at a junior high school.
"Mother. Where have T, shirt of bicycle which we wore in that summer gone to? Yes, it is that yellow T-shirt which we wore well in a childhood"
 It is wrong where, and I do not yet know whether it became like this either……. We only cleaned bath even if we did mischief very outside. Shooting place: In front of parking lot of the back of SHIMIZUYU

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"It was comfortable and lost. We somewhat felt fine. Let's aim at the top!"
 West bright red sunset which promised the tomorrow's fine weather in the sky seemed to sink into heart. (than Episode 2)


5-father and old SHIMIZUYU -DSC00165_th

 When see well, is why; or pornbook (was said to be beaver book in old days. It understands that it bound with vinyl not to be able to browse for another view that there is vending machine of said) at the storefront. And there is small vending machine in the depths. We remembered a moment ago, but are vending machine of condom. Father who has put forbidden box at last because cuckoo cried. Though it is poverty sento, it is mysterious that put on deppurito mind. I who used pornbook vending machine plenty while saying this. Recent SHIMIZUYU is considerably considered to lose labyrinth (labyrinth), and to have been crowded by light before wind.
 But, as for thinking utterly, this old sento will be what who imagined that the present SHIMIZUYU can be reborn.
 Father is healthier, and body is good in those days, too. But but polarity disorder gradually stole up surely and undermined father (than Episode 3).

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 When I went to room of father, we heard "does father have bad condition recently?". "It was like that, and fruit had sign from youth. We said to nobody," but
 Father played baseball in youth and said that we were able to do it thanks to the training so far. Grandfather did not seem to know grandmother, too either.
 We seemed to talk in off black slightly. "Father. Is it somewhat hot though we do not know?" We made a false show of power saying "gahaha, stupid thoughtlessness like you do not know". (than Episode 3)



It is 1994 that we succeeded in digging of black hot water. It is not exaggeration even if we say that this thick amber liquid decided the future of the later SHIMIZUYU. Sales double, and sento influenced by cuckoo is suddenly restored. 25-year-old I was the third generation in those days when we did company work just these days.

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"We want to try only one. If it is no use, let's fold shop"
 I "is anything. What want to try saying is; when heard, father said, "dig hot spring". We family objected hard.
"Hot spring flows; do not distribute"


 Then thing, everyday sento business of SHIMIZUYU were really substantial really happily. In sento which only echo (echo) of cuckoo sounded like, the laughter of customer was audible so far. (than Episode 4)

"My sento" extra divides into three times and publishes. Next publication plans the end of February.