[we enjoy hot spring in Tokyo's 23 wards]

haa is only company and roundtrip of house every day and is over. We sometimes go on a trip and want to soak in hot spring slowly……Even if say,, do not get rest very often, too, and is hanandakandayaranakerebaikenaikotogatamatterushi on the weekend. No, in the first place there is not money to be able to go to trip suddenly! ……To you who are doing commuting (or go to school) seriously every day while thinking of this sincere; is good news together "thank you".

In in Tokyo and 23 wards, there is place where there is hot spring cure slowly leisurely. Besides, it is 460 yen of sento rate. Without money, there is trip to Onsen without time if we get on train a little. Hasunuma of Ota-ku has such an ultimate healing paradise. Originally Kamata, Ota-ku neighborhood is famous in Kuroyu Onsen, but Hasunuma is only person Station on Tokyu Ikegami Line from Kamata (even from Gotanda Station 22 minutes). We visited you in HASUNUMAONSEN on foot of only 2 minutes this time from Hasunuma Station!

Though building itself was not traditional shrine architecture, we were thinking that it would be why to be already relieved just to have seen the appearance, and it was revealed that this was because it used the plaster and tree effectively to hear story of Kazuyuki Kondo of the master.


The appearance to feel some warmth


Mount Fuji which is wonderful to shutter

[heart of hospitality inherited for a long time]

In fact, HASUNUMAONSEN was just reopened on December 16 of last year. Kondo who imaged "Taisho romance" as for the concept of remodeling "was mainstream, as for the remodeling, modern building type sento wanted to just direct Japanese good point of sento. You reproduced the good old culture and said, TIME wanted you to taste feeling that skidded. Mind is deep, and Japanese contains various different culture and absorbs, and it is said to be adroitness to build up new thing. Contrary to nostalgia for the good old days-like image remembered by the word Taisho romance, the latest technique and various structure full of mind of hospitality that continued without a break worked and knew that it was remodeling that fixed its eyes on the future of Japan in the future well.


Lobby where light from stained glass is beautiful


There is warmth that we want to say "now"

Structure that thought to want many visitors to come to support story of the master overflowed is lot inside outside. For example, QR cord is posted on video how the inside turns out to be seen, and we enter, and floor of immediate lobby is circular, and visitor of foreigner is dug out to signboard which is adjacent to entrance, and there is pond below when we look, and carp swims in comfortable sound of water comfortably in BGM. In fact, this pond is picture by digital signage technology! We want to tell person who thought "is it not nanda, genuine pond?" by all means! It is possible for this circular pond that there is never in genuine pond! Appearance of character rare as for it. Taro Urashima seems to come out on tortoise at the present time. Person who was able to discover as he/she does not readily come out only to rare character is Lucky. As rare character coming out by season seems to change, and, we do when we do not go throughout the year.

[the finest hot spring experience that we can recommend to every person]

All bathtubs are hot springs, and, as for the HASUNUMAONSEN, hot water is rare dilute green tea color in Tokyo. Hot water is fluent, and fall as if there are three bathtubs, and flow into the warmed biggest bathtub from waterfall described in obstacle; provide. Thinning materials of hinoki were floated on that day, and there was very good fragrance. When the second bathtub becomes hot spring with carbon dioxide and is immersed in nurumenoo hot water quietly (what enter at the time of bathing calmly is recommended as gas of carbonated spring is easy to fall out by slight shaking), small bubble sticks to the whole body. We seem to be provided by effect to promote the blood circulation that carbon dioxide penetrates from skin and expands blood vessel. In addition, that, for subacidity, there is effect to tighten skin. It has been pickled longer unintentionally. The third bathtub is cold bath, but this bathtub is flowing constantly from the source. By roundtrip with sauna (extra charge) established together with cold bath of the source where hot spring ingredient has begun to dissolve in, sauna is sure to get that it is set, too.


Bathtub, carbonated spring, cold bath main from the depths


Bathtub where thinning materials of hinoki float


Lion enlivening hot spring feeling


Japanese picture which is bright on the washing space

[, only in sento, we run at the top! Disposition of the master]

Kondo of the master acted as director of Tokyo Sento Association, and it fixed its eyes in not only own shop but also the future of sento of Tokyo, and it reached duties from end-to-end of story well every day to push on. We talked with brilliant eyes by one sento one of current Tokyo doing business utilized each individuality when we wanted to build firm position through local contribution in community. In episode when it was talked with Governor Koike, we seemed to have words, "he/she is running at the top only in sento!" (evolution) in excessive enthusiasm of Director Kondo. We look forward to evolution and deepening of sento of future Tokyo in HASUNUMAONSEN in the first on the list.

How about sometimes giving small present called "trip to hot spring" to weekday oneself and family who always try hard at night or on the weekend who came by winning the game quickly? It is said today, and, in HASUNUMAONSEN, hot water is heated with many smiles of visitor let alone smile of the master and proprietress.

(photograph, sentence: sento lighter Yasuyo Yamaguchi)

HASUNUMAONSEN (Ota-ku | Hasunuma Station)
●Sento pilgrimage number: The Ota-ku 43rd
●Address: 6-16-11, Nishikamata, Ota-ku
●TEL: 03-3734-0081
●Business hours: 15-25:00
●Regular holiday: Tuesday
●Traffic: Getting off at Tokyu Ikegami Line "Hasunuma" station, a 2-minute walk
Sento map is this

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Smile having a gentle proprietress is impressive


Mount Fuji of the best part by Maruyama illustrator


Mother is in charge of flower to display in shop


Handmade lily of the valley of mother


This place is entrance to paradise


Brand-new stripping basket which is comfortable to eyes


Voice of sound of water and chicken spreads from speaker of bathhouse


Mirror that person to suite how gets thinner only a little


We post poster of sento manner on store and lower psychological hurdle of foreign visitor


When rate is written on store, we somewhat feel relieved (the same as restaurant)


Pretty mark signboard. In the backside as for the signboard of hot-spring mark