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There is "HATONOYU" to introduce this time in place of a little less than ten minutes on foot from Kunitachi Station of Chuo Line. In the south exit of station with "HATONOYU", way lengthens radially and is kind cityscape which can walk in the first people without question. "Asahi street" which goes out the south exit, and opens toward the left is entrance to "HATONOYU". When we pass "national Sakura Hospital" and walk for a while and look in thin way on 10 several meters this side left side of "east 2" intersection, we add to letter called "HATONOYU" and logo mark of pigeon, and carved Buddha statue invites to tree noisily. This Buddha statue seems to be still carved by proposal of Buddha statue producer who saw that branch beat against tree of paulownia by chance.

We pass through noren while catching brightness of the eye of Buddha to back. It "puts" slightly strange umbrella to be in front of. It is not "umbrella stand" (laugh). That it is not said that "HATONOYU" experience level becomes clear whether umbrella is put quickly here!

th_ph02_ noren
th_ph03_ umbrella closet

Feeling increases when we enter bathhouse of floor of perfect tree of cleaning! One wall of bathhouse becomes mirror and does not let you feel tightness when it is crowded. Timetable of bus is put near turn stand. It will be the attention of the master not to cool down to bath towel ("Asahi Street Sakashita" of Keio bus that nearest bus stop links Fuchu Station to the Kunitachi Station south exit).

The master who is good at such attention is the third generation. It is 1959 (Showa 34) that first grandfather ran business. In the next year when we were able to organize nationwide of sento called "association of public baths business environmental hygiene trade association society of the whole country", it was right the heyday of sento. Distinction seemed to run before grandfather only for half a year, but the name called "HATONOYU" from charges of grandfather. Grandfather who left the Hokuriku district for Tokyo piled up ascetic practices in sento of Ota-ku at the start, and he took off for the opening of business in this ground. We seemed to get the name called rare "HATONOYU" from ascetic practices of grandfather. There are logo mark and original Japanese towel now, too!

th_ph04_ bathhouse
th_ph05_ logo mark

From the front of bathroom, Fuji that we looked at from Izu watches. After all it is this! We seemed to have, in fact, painting before this paint image was "crowd funding" to raise donation on net and gathered funds and describe. Not only we had you describe, but also seemed to do for live painting, but the person who sometimes knew "HATONOYU" in net for the first time came, and there seemed to be only various drama.

th_ph06_ paint picture 2-2
th_ph07_ jet

Hot water has jet, by bra, cold bath, sauna (only as for the man) equal. Winter one day when cold was just severe as for having come for coverage. We forgot to be coverage and had bath. It was the best that jet bus warmed cool body and untied. We seem to be able to expect the best relaxation effect even in the summer let alone winter after having moved body in particular!

We took a bath this time without from the opening time of 15:00, but visitor approximately eight always came to bathroom. It is indicated that it takes root well in area. According to the master, elderly visitor of regular customer seems to give conversation between visitors generously at the center in this time. We surely heard conversation in both bathroom and bathhouse, and a certain visitor returned after we repaired gap of mat spread on floor. We understood well that "HATONOYU" was loved.

When it is the evening, the class of more middle-ages seems to increase. That there is much one that comes home once, and performs "sortie." When it is night as a certain national university is in the back, youths such as university students seem to increase, too. There seemed to be that student of athletic club goes for some time, but in late years students coming in two one for the first time seem to increase. There is foreign student, too, but there does not seem to be trouble among them as most are only people who mastered Japanese.

There is other class of visitors increasing from before. Do you know what kind of generation it is? ? Correct answer is visitor with 2-3-year-old small child. It is said to be "(because we do pee and shit suddenly) that it is not good to go to sento before diaper comes off", but is when the master does not mind if parent considers properly. In fact, as there is child who just became 2 years old to the writer, this;, if you insist, think secretly when should be introduced sento in children soon!

th_ph08_ bathroom
th_ph09_ secondhand bookstore 2

It is HATONOYU made various approaches, but both it and this begin in feeling of the master, "voice of visitor is all the nicest". Cafe and secondhand bookseller of atmosphere feeling nostalgic for slightly are found in the station square and way from station. Town walk that started from sento may be good!
(photograph, sentence: sento lighter Yusuke Hama)

HATONOYU (Kunitachi-shi | Kunitachi Station)
●Sento pilgrimage number: The Kunitachi-shi second
●Address: 2-8-19, Higashi, Kunitachi-shi
●TEL: 042-572-0918
●Business hours: 15-24:00
●Regular holiday: Monday
●Traffic: Getting off at Chuo Line "Kunitachi" station, an 8-minute walk
Sento map is this

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