th_1-IMG_8497_ ⑥ bathtub 2

[we experience daily life of atmospheric downtown area]

For winter sunshine which minimum temperature adversely affected in Tokyo in one day in January, 2018, we visited TAKENOYU of Kitasuna, Koto-ku. In today's course, Nishiojima takes a walk through Nishi-Ojima Station of metropolitan new line at the starting point → TAKENOYU → We complete at Sunacho Ginza mall. Let's experience daily life of atmospheric downtown area.

There is the Onagi River feeling trace of transportation by water that prospered in the Edo era when we go ahead through Nishi-Ojima Station to the south to back. In susumikaikyofukin appearing in the Onagi River, "promenade of waterside" is maintained, and scenery of straight line suitable for running and walk is refreshing.

Across susumikaikyo, there is TAKENOYU at Inari Street mall where taste of Showa remains. "This neighborhood was industrial area where there were factory and ironworks. Big apartment is built in factory ruins, and Toshiaki Nakamae of TAKENOYU, storekeeper whom we told, population increased is born and raised in this ground, and oneself is native Edoite who is the third generation recently.

The th_2-1-IMG_8469_ ① Onagi River

Onagi riverside. It is comfortable to walk in in stretch


Entrance of TAKENOYU facing the mall

As for the TAKENOYU which we opened at the beginning of the Showa era, the area whole area became burnt field by the war damage of World War II, and it was heartless, and shop and main building were burnt. We made use of pot ground and warehouse left alone and achieved resumption in 1949 (Showa 24). All sento before the period of the high growth of economy when home baths did not spread is the times when was doing good business, "house had three clerks, and there were two maids. Though it was cheap, unit price of one had much number of visitors. Nakamae looks back on those days saying apartment and housing complex with bath are not possible in ordinary now. Much sento managers will sympathize with these words of Nakamae.

[modern space where old days intersect now]

"Our father liked new thing. Carpenter stayed overnight for two weeks approximately 38 years ago and was redecorated for one month. Facilities at the time are active after time for a little less than 40 years.

The first impression of bathroom "is modern". Stripe using material special as for the one which there is earlier of view after the fashion of name in background of dignified bamboo forest in wall and the ceiling. Stripe print on the basis of blue is impression of modishness which compromise between Japanese and European styles weaves by good Balance of color of the Showa era.

Main bath has three relaxation in L-shape bathtub. Body massage (seat bath) with massage effect that bubble with force is comfortable as for the first. Electric bath which feels that the second improves the blood circulation by electric current of low frequency. Large bath which the third lengthens hands and feet, and can relax.

th_3-IMG_8478_ ③ wall bamboo

Background of bamboo forest and expensive ceiling. Color to feel art space

th_4-IMG_8495_ ⑤ bath

One bathtub is large and can stretch out enough hands and feet each

th_5-IMG_8493_ ④ bathtub 1

In large bathtub in body massage (seat bath), the electric bath

th_6-IMG_8486_ ⑧ chair

There is sense of beauty for loader. Good old green chair is active

We stand, and there is invention to shower and adds to shower above the head, and, as for the part equal to body, right and left are bidirectional, and it is to body shower with three showers Exit. Very interesting. The writer who is usually used to sento feels feeling of freedom in extensive space and takes a break in the steam to go up from hot water maintaining 42 degrees Celsius.

th_7-IMG_8502_ ⑦ body shower

Three-dimensional shower that shower goes out of multi-direction. Can you say reduction of working hours shower?

Proprietress of TAKENOYU which laughed saying it was saying "we do not understand the good point because we saw every day" told saying "it is's original technique of construction company though beam and pillar of bathhouse were seen to board". Beam and pillar of the beauty of a straight line to border bathhouse are the technical concentration. And, to place to reach, we want to thank proprietress and daughter for perfect cleaning. Good old crater-type dryer and electric fan are active, but, in clean bathhouse, it is completely equipped brightly air-conditioner.

th_8-IMG_8516_ ⑨ bathhouse 1

Good old crib and electric fan. Beam of ceiling which crossed is impressive

[sento supporting favorite machine ijiride]

We want to mention high technique supporting TAKENOYU. Nakamae who was university student when student movement was the golden age even if "went to school, school was not open. We laughed saying it was at the height of student movement. It is episode learning the very history of the Showa era. "Therefore we played with car for money that we worked part-time and earned".

We find a job to car company after the graduation from university, and there is career of racing car driver, too. Rather than speed, we seemed to focus on the durability of car which we maintained by oneself and performance that we could run. Not run shop, it turned out, "we played with great machine and liked". Is it still parts maker on the side of shop? Having abundant parts as we take this for, we care for boiler room every day. Though "we sometimes feel troublesome, we regulate by oneself. We like machine. Saying notice difference in few motors sound; as for profile to speak is face of skilled worker saying is. Sons inherit machine enthusiast of Nakamae, too, and the maintenance check system is stable. Can you repair by oneself if you say technical height when bath of standard home leaked water? We may imagine the technical height of the Nakamaes if we think about this. "Owner of a bathhouse must understand machine. Then nuisance depends on visitor if there is not if we take a rest suddenly. When it was sento which valued daily life of customer, we felt. To flow of aging and diversification of customer, we repaired restroom in Western style from Japanese style recently. "Visitor has good beautiful restroom, too" . We are thankful for surely beautiful Western style restroom.

After having been over TAKENOYU, we longed for nature and Showa. Heart and physical desire that warmed afterward are only appetites. Line of barker of mall doing well and oden seed shop is invited to smell to appear in looking askance at by grilled bed and meets stomach at Sunacho Ginza mall.

We make use of old kio and TAKENOYU of modern space that adopted new shikio steams today and invites customer. It is sento that heart gradually warms.

(photograph, sentence: sento lighter Mikiko Yamamura)

TAKENOYU (Koto-ku | Nishi-Ojima Station)
●Sento pilgrimage number: The Koto-ku 25th
●Address: 3-25-8, Kitasuna, Koutou-ku
●TEL: 03-3644-0366
●Business hours: From half past 15 to half past 22
●Regular holiday: Tuesday (in the case of holiday next day rest)
●Traffic: From Toei Shinjuku Line "Nishiojima" station bus. "3, Kitasuna entrance" getting off, a 5-minute walk
Sento map is this

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th_9-IMG_8565_ ⑪ empty-handed set

Full empty-handed set "that what we took in in sento of this neighborhood was early"

th_10-IMG_8567_ ⑫ empty-handed set②

Is advantageous; "bathing set is 700 yen easily". Equipment includes shampoo in bathroom, too

th_11-IMG_8530_ ② dog wall

Instagenic wall. Doggy that we kept brown dog

The th_12-IMG_8560_ ⑩ appearance

Electric signboard becoming mark even by night is relief in there being

We do th_13-IMG_8554_ ⑭

Pop that we saw at Sunacho Ginza mall (for short "sand silver")

th_14-IMG_8556_ ⑮ Yakitori

We are thankful for side dish and beer being prepared at one store

th_15-IMG_8561_ ⑬ tiger

Tiger is met in TAKENOYU. "Beckoning cat?" "Drawing card cat?" Both are correct answers